Cool times in Corfu - photo diary

7 days spent in the gorgeous Greek Islands….waking up every day to this view.

The perfect spot to sit and have a cold Mythos at the end of the day and watch the sun set in to the Ionian Sea.

But it wasn’t all staring at beautiful scenery. My dear friend Anastasia was there to ingratiate myself in to local life (i.e. lounging in bars)

and obviously A LOT of time spent on the beach 

and eating…

.in places with simply the most amazing views

It wasn’t all eating and relaxing. We did do some cultural stuff around Corfu Town, a beautiful Neoclassical town overlooking the sea towards mainland Greece. 

The wildlife of Corfu…these gorgeous kittens were living under the stairs where I was staying, and loved playing in the trees.


And goats. Obviously, because it’s Greece. 

And puppies! Anastasia with the gorgeous little Bella (owned by an equally gorgeous bar man)


NYFW - what I want to wear next Spring/Summer. Right now would be good.

For just swanning around town, and all those garden parties I go to….

This frock from Donna Karan, it would hide the usual stains I manage to get any time I wear white.

Pretty much anything from the Michael Kors show. Will need to work on those abs….

Floaty stripes from Nanette Lapore

Lace from Oscar de la Renta

(pretty much everything from Oscar de la Renta). So pretty….

Sexy gingham (which you think would be an oxymoron) from Altazurra

And for when I think I need to look a bit ‘street’….these very cool outfits from Proenza Schouler.

and something we definitely need for the London summer - a parka.

Finally, someone please invite me to a wedding because I want to wear this gown of flowers from Carolina Herrara.

Kicking off this fine Thursday morning…..

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FINALLY back in heels after a month off due to fractured foot. And not doing things by halves…
#shoes #highheels

FINALLY back in heels after a month off due to fractured foot. And not doing things by halves…
#shoes #highheels

Take a seat. @shoreditchdesign have installed these cool & comfy seats at my bus stop

Take a seat. @shoreditchdesign have installed these cool & comfy seats at my bus stop

Absolute song of the summer

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Gorgeousness at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican.

Crimson lilies from Columbia Road flower market

Crimson lilies from Columbia Road flower market



Mexico - Part 2 Isla Mujures

So after 4 perfect days in paradise, I jumped on a bus and headed up to Cancun, to get on the 20 minute ferry over to Isla Mujures, a small fishing village just 7 km long and 650m wide.  Situated just off the coast, in the bluest waters I have ever seen, Isla is really a town for tourists, and very different to Tulum’s laid back vibe, but still a lot of fun. 

I arrived to my guest house just before sun down, and wandering around with my suitcase, failing to find the office came upon a table of around 15 people of varying nationalities. They instructed me to sit down and then plied me with tequila for the next 5 hours - I didn’t head up to my room until well after midnight. Now that’s a Mexican welcome! Turns out one of the guys was the owner of the place I was staying and the others various guests and locals.

Breakfast looking towards Cancun.

Casa Bonita was situated on the West side of the island, with its own private little beach which I had to myself every day. Being on the West, it caught the most spectacular sunsets.

The sun went down around 6pm every night, and so quickly. It really was amazing to watch.

Days spent on Playa Norte, only ever having to get up to take a dip in the sea, as continuous Corona’s and fish tacos would be brought right to the sun lounger. 

The Soggy Peso bar - they are famous for their BBQs on a Sunday and I can see why. BBQ ribs, corn bread and margaritas.  What’s not to love?

Apart from these guys stealing chicken bones…

Later that night dinner at the fishing collective - locals bringing in their fresh catch to be cooked and served. Could not get any fresher than that. And again, a glorious sunset and that beautiful light just before the sun goes down where everything just glows. 

And makes even the most sunburnt look not so bad.

The town of Isla (if it can be called that) is tiny, but bustling in the evening along the main drag with lively bars and restaurants. Moving off the main street, you would walk past what looked like a front room with a few table and chairs - families would open up their homes as ‘restaurants’. 

It was rather sleepy during the day. I guess everyone having their siestas and sleeping off the tequila from the night before.

See you again soon Isla!