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Mar 10

Photo diary of Mexico: part 1, Tulum

Finally I’ve managed to get together all my photos (taken on 2 different Iphones, an Ipad and a camera - I seriously need to consolidate devices). Looking back it appears there is a fairly common theme: many, many sunsets (well they were spectacular), one or two sunrises (surprisingly I was up for a few), the beach and booze.

My first stop, Tulum, staying in a beach cabana at Playa Esperanza.  I had to  pinch myself waking up the first morning to this view from my balcony, waking up to the sounds of the waves not just 15 metres from my bed. 

I’d then walk along the beach to huevos rancheros, a swim on the way back. Note the sand on the ‘floor’ of the restaurant. I didn’t wear shoes for 5 days. 

Back to the cabana…

Then a busy afternoon in a hammock…

With necessary refreshments.  No need to move, the lovely locals would bring it to me….

The view from in front of Playa Esperanza, looking south.

Then fish tacos for lunch - once again, no shoes required. This was the restaurant/bar area.  About 10 metres from my cabana and the beach. Handy.

Fish tacos! And Corona. And chilis which I was warned about but stupidly didn’t heed their warnings.  They completely blew my mouth off.  And of course didn’t listen the second time when they put them in front of me, mentioning ‘piquante’.

The sun set behind the resort, but the colours were still spectacular. A warm wash like a Monet watercolour, giving everything a glow.

There was a spot down the end of the beach with a great view back towards the ruins. They did amazing frozen margaritas.  

Which is probably responsible for this slightly embarrassing selfie:

One day I took a trip in to Tulum town, which is really a bit of a one horse town, but authentic and some great places to eat.

I managed to avoid buying any tourist tat.  Well, almost any - I couldn’t resist those beautiful blankets. And was quite proud of myself to actually barter down the guy, until I realised I had saved myself a whole 50p. 

About 1km north of where I was staying was the spectacular Tulum Mayan Ruins, dating back to the 13th century. Those Mayans sure knew a thing or two about location: the ruins sit on the edge of the cliff over looking the Caribbean sea, facing the sunrise each morning. 

Doing the tourist thing.

The views were mindblowing. And iguanas EVERYWHERE enjoying the sun.  Every now and then you’d hear a ‘thud’ and it was one of them dozing off on a wall and falling off. 

Then a short (yet very hot) walk back to Playa, with a couple of stops on the way for swims.

Next stop: Isla Mujures. 

Feb 12

Fish tacos and tequila…#tulum #mexico #holiday  (at Playa Esperanza)

Fish tacos and tequila…#tulum #mexico #holiday (at Playa Esperanza)

Feb 11


Feb 10

Morning beach stroll #tulum  (at Playa Esperanza)

Morning beach stroll #tulum (at Playa Esperanza)

Jan 16

New Years in Bruges

Despite Colin Farrell’s character, Ray, famously saying in the film In Bruges ‘Maybe that’s what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in f****g Bruges’, it really is a rather lovely place, and gorgeous at Christmas time with all the lights and cosiness of the (many) pubs.


It’s been described as Venice of the North, with it’s many winding canals and well preserved Medieval architecture - and is certainly a lot prettier than Brussels.

Was pretty cold and grey…


…but nothing a (very) strong Belgian beer and frites couldn’t sort out


The main square, the Markt had the standard  Christmas market and ice rink and was so pretty at night.


We headed there to watch the fireworks for New Years Eve…with the bells ringing out on  the clock tower it was quite surreal.


Here’s the Fenwick family selfie …


Seems the fireworks weren’t good enough for everyone. We passed these guys on the way home (from the local Indian restaurant) setting off rockets rather precariously in the middle of a (very busy, narrow) road. Not dangerous at all…


Our apartment was situated rather perfectly on a canal but also right next door to the oldest pub in Bruges, the Herberg Vlissinghe. We had a bit of trouble getting in the door (literally) as there was a rubbish truck parked right outside blocking the road. When we got inside, there were 3 rubbish men sitting at the bar, obviously having a swift pint before moving on. Hopefully they were sticking to the not so strong beer (so 8% rather than the standard 12%).


And one for the road…


Dec 06

It’s well cold in Scotland. This, however, is before the whiskey  (at Scottish National Gallery)

It’s well cold in Scotland. This, however, is before the whiskey (at Scottish National Gallery)

Oct 31


reminds me why he was plastered all over my walls when I was 15. 

And this one which I think I ripped out of Girlfriend magazine at the height of 21 Jump Street. It was massive (the poster).

Those cheekbones. Be still my beating heart.

Sep 30



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Sep 24

London looks like a Monet painting this evening #waterloosunset (at Waterloo Bridge)

London looks like a Monet painting this evening #waterloosunset (at Waterloo Bridge)

Sep 18

My next holiday wardrobe…

…ok maybe the one after next as my next trip is planned for winter in Bruges, but my next SUMMER holiday I want to be dressed like this. Of all the SS2014 shows to date, this is one of my faves (perhaps after ‘safe’ Ralph Lauren and not so safe Simone Rocha).  It’s proper va va voom Riviera dressing from DSquared. There’s plenty of swimwear but not sure if I have the legs long enough to pull it off, so would stick to this:

Love the colour on this. I wear to go shopping. For espadrilles with a straw basket.

This is for a lunch. By the sea.

Cocktails on a yacht. Although the shoes might have to come off. 

And this just wandering around the cobbled streets. Living in London I’m pretty good at walking on cobbles in heels.